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Web hosting is the core of the webpage where the page data is load and all the items of the website store there. So it is the most important thing for publishing a website or webpage. You have to think more than twice about buying web hosting.

According to google — A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web

There is more Webhosting server outside there in the marketplace. Some of them may show you appeal to buy their web host but don’t fell for that. You must consider some options before buying web hosts.

First of all, think about your webpage. what is that for? If this is for the only blog go for a 1GB web hosting.Because it is enough for a blog website. If this is for E-commerce or something similar like this go for a minimum of 3 GB of web space because its content is large and you need enough space.

Secondly, you must consider web host server speed. You should choose a NVME web hosting for better speed.

Thirdly, the most important thing is SSL certificated. It keeps your website secure from the hacker. So consider this because it is the most important thing for your website.

At last, you should think about service. How a web hosting company gives you service is an important thing to think about. You may anytime fall into any problem and need the help of the web host company. To compare who gives you the most powerful service after buying WebHost.

There are some site that I know is really well about their services.


Fly Wheel

Blue Host


Your Host BD


There are more platform available. If you have any queries ask me.

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